Tuesday, November 6, 2012


There are only three laws of nature, and one exception. 1) F=ma; 2) E=m(c squared); 3) You can't push a rope.

From these three laws all others can be derived. May also apply to politics.

Since I'm sure most of you are as distracted as I am tonight, just a photo for fun (with the little point and shoot in my office). Because I've got nothing else in me, blog wise, but the urge to get out of my work clothes, pour a cold beer and see some election results.

You've all seen snippets of me with the hair all naturally curly and my contact lenses. That's how I might look at a blog meet, but there's that other side, the geek side, hair brushed smooth and up, prescription nerd glasses (otherwise known as my Poindexter specs) wearing something in white.

But I got NEW nerd glasses today to replace the ones that had a particle accelerator accident(just kidding, they were 5 years old, scratched and the frames imploded after one too many trips in a suitcase). 

I can see clearly now, I sure as heck hope the American voters can, as well.


  1. Now see, I think that is sexy. Course I been told I don't see things the right way. My response is No I see things my way.

  2. Yep, right there with ya . . .

    However, I have a bit of cullenary adventure going on . . . . there is a kettle of Muskrat Booyah on the stove . . . .

    3 hours until "bowl time" . . . .

    Just in time for the election to be called!

    Love the glasses BTW! Very geekey!!! :)

  3. I am refusing to watch the news at all today. They can tell me who won, after the recounts are done and the court cases closed.

    I am spending the evening with friends and family, pulling the lever on the 650, and enjoying a soothing glass of Chimay Grande Reserve.

  4. Those glasses enhance your "sexy librarian" look. Put your hair up and one of us would do something we might regret....

  5. Hey wait! Guys don't make passes at girls.... Oh who am I trying to kid. The glasses look great! Sigh.. I need to get some new glasses. Thanks for that reminder...

  6. Lweson - as do I. Thank you.

    eiafinfo - I like them and the Scot part of was going "they're half priced!"

    Bob in Tampa - you are a dear, and thank you.

    James - I'm nearsighted as all get out now, so happy they could make a lens that is thin now. Most of my old glasses you could fry a bug with.

    Monkeywrangler - I have a small shot of Whiskey on the table and no TV. I'm checking the electorals periodically on the computer in that a close squirrel friend in DC who is on the road wanted me to call him with the results as he's out of pocket.

  7. Those almost resemble prison-issue or GI eyewear???



  8. Yay new glasses!

    Hope you have a great night, fun and relaxing. I've voted, and I'll check the web for the election results tomorrow, and not worry til then.

  9. I don't know about pushing a rope but one of Northern Ordnance's proudest achievements was pushing a chain. Did some engineering on that little gem once.

  10. Keads.....I always said "If I like the frame, I'll play the game"!

  11. Glad your vision is restored; the rest of the nation may take a bit longer. Nice pic, though.

  12. Around here my wife is watching Heroes on Netflix...after seeing that the Republican's were gonna hold the House, and the Democrats were gonna hold the Senate, I'm comfortable that proper gridlock will be maintained no matter who gets the Oval Office.

    As for the glasses...nice look ma'am. It took me about 4-5 years to convince my wife that glasses > contact lenses. Guys DO make passes at girls that wear glasses.

  13. OMG! After all these years of poring over snippets of pics of you, I can finally declare: Brigid has a nose! And if I might be so bold, it's a cute little sniffer. :-) (btw, my younger son, Brian came home with a new pair of "nerd" glasses this last weekend and I told him I thought they made him look smart...........

  14. FINALLY, I can see enough of your face to say that you are not a disfigured ogress and are as beautiful as the little snippets make you look. Wife v2.0 says "Yay, we can finally see Barkley's Mommy!"

  15. Black frames myself. ABCDs as my green-suiter colleagues say. Yours look fetching.

  16. Just hanging loose tonite, doing a few forensic chores. Trying to ignore the media and saying prayers that my republic will survive yet another challenge to its integrity.
    Semper Fi.
    Mike in Wa

  17. Hopefully you didn't put money in Lisa Loeb's pocket with the new glasses.

    I've been in bifocal denial for a year. It is bad enough that I'm older than our CS department chair, but I don't want to look it.

    (Yes, I tried the progressives. The tunnel vision drove me nuts after about an hour and I went back to my 54 mm wide single vision lenses until I can live with the line.)

    BTW, the "Red Dwarf" disc will go out Friday. The US will get real DVDs in January.

  18. Cute glasses ... cute girl. All I have to say is "wow.";)

    Thought of your blog the other day cruising around central Indiana (in and out of Indy a couple times too). Listened to a song that I somehow missed (it was a turbulent time in my life so I wasn't paying attention) back when it was released (1990).

    The song fit perfect with my mellow mood the other day. It made me realize that I often feel that way when I read through your blog posts ... nostalgic ... homesick ... Can you feel homesick and nostalgic when you're home? Anyway, I enjoy your reading your blog. Thanks.

    oh yeah ... the song? "Home" by Joe Diffe. (Don't know if you listen to country)

    Hope you didn't hold your breath on the voters.

  19. Great picture of you, thanks.

  20. Im with Bob in Tampa, you are beautiful, mind and body!

  21. That's my look at the lab today, sans glasses. Geeky nerdiness is sexy. ;)

  22. Mr. B - I got a call from someone we both know that said "I have overdue library books, am I in trouble? and I laughed pretty hard.

    Keads - I wish I'd got them sooner, I didn't realize how scratched my old pair was until I had "SHINY! again.

    armedlaughing - I have this urge to listen to Johnny Cash all of a sudden. . .

    Jerry - pushing a chain, now that is cool. There is an airport in Eastern Washington I landed at one time that had a chain as a windsock. They needed it.

    WildDeuce - know the song well. Unfortunately I held my breath, by the time the evening was over I was just sick to my stomach.

    Roscoe - so far, so good on the progressives. It's a pretty advanced (and pricy) lens and they say that helps with the side vision issues. Red Dwarf? Awesome! Thanks!

    Ken O - thanks, and a hello to the wife! Ogress huh? :-)

    Stephen - thanks, as always.

  23. Thanks everyone, for this post and the Barkley photos. It was a particularly crappy night, in a lot of ways, and I appreciated everyone's comments.

    For me, it's back to work, suck it up and support and defend. (But I'm all for that random asteroid thing).


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