Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bayonets in the News - When Redheads Get Bored

Bored Redheads - Trouble Then. . .

Still Trouble . . . .

Me:  Dialing (cough cough) lowering voice

Ring Ring

Me:  "May I speak to Agent D. Please, yes, I'll wait."

Division of Wildlife Agent: "D. speaking, how can I help you?"

Me: "Yes I'd like to inquire as to when bayonet season is?"

Agent: "HUH. . . . did you say . . . bayonet?"

Me: "Yes, I'd like to take a deer using the bayonet on my Mauser "

Agent: " Wait. Miss. Did you say a Mauser? No. Firearm season doesn't start for a couple of weeks. You can't take a deer with a firearm yet."

Me: "I don't want to shoot it. OH no. I just want to Bayonet it! I've been practicing! I bet I can rush it now and kill it with one good poke."

Agent: (long pause. . . . heavy sigh)

Me: "Sir, Is it before or after Archery?"


Agent: Brigid?!. . . .

I'm lucky I have family members who have a good sense of humor. I promise, I may on occassion poke the bear, poke fun at politicians and do the hokie pokie,  but I won't poke the deer.

Love - Brigid


  1. Now I know where Barkley gets it!



  2. Pokin' the bear Ms. B . . . .

    Pokin' the bear . . .

    AGirl is right, I can see Barkley lookin' over your shoulder urging you on!!


  3. If anyone could do it.....

    Would you rush them from the ground, or descend from above using your deer stand as a platform?

  4. LMAO.....Oh, oh, Little Brigid....

    Did that adorable look keep you out of getting yelled at? hehe......

  5. I'm sure it's OK to use bayonets when rattling up a buck. Or if you are surrounded and out of ammunition.

    An old hillbilly I knew shot a deer out of season. When we asked him about it, he explained that he had no choice.

    "I shot him in self-defense ... or as he jumped the fence. I never can remember which way it is."

  6. I pray my redheaded older daughter never meets you!

  7. Im waiting for "drop from above naked and screaming" season.

  8. So, when is bayonet season? :)

  9. I figure it ain't bragging if you can do it. :^)

  10. Assuming you will use a Mauser as a bayonet holder, what would be the proper bayonet?

  11. Dropping from a tree onto it's back and then pokin' it works real good I hear... 'course I've never done it myself so I don't know fer sure!

  12. Har har !! That is funny ! Swing from a tree yelling like Tarzan !

  13. I fixed bayonets in 1983, in Grenada. The bad guys ran away.

  14. Too funny :) Wish the people I worked with had a sense of humor :P

  15. Mac -

    Do not poke dragons. For you are crunchy, and good with ketchup.

    Thus sayeth the Pratchett

  16. Mac -

    Do not poke dragons. For you are crunchy, and good with ketchup.

    Thus sayeth the Pratchett

  17. Me only got two bayonets one for my
    M38 Swedish and the one i had for my
    P17 Winchester i may have sold the rifle but i like the bayonet to much to sell it.

  18. If you get the deer drunk first on some fermented apple peels and cores, it might even the playing field a bit, But the deer still has you outnumbered with four hooves and antlers (if it's a buck), so be careful.

  19. This would not be as funny if I did not personally know people that have taken game animals (Deer, sheep, Hogs) with Spears and knives.

  20. "I may on occassion poke the bear, poke fun at politicians and do the hokie pokie"
    What if the Hokie Pokie really IS what it's all about?


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