Monday, February 27, 2012

Armed and Entertaining - The Liebster Award

I'm catching up with friends, so for tonight I hope you don't mind a post I wrote a couple weeks ago and saved, it's Liebster Blog Award time!

Wraith and a couple readers tagged me with the Award. Technically I don't qualify, as it's intended for blogs just beginning to build their following but it was much appreciated. Thank you! In carrying on the spirit of it, I will list 5 blogs that I thoroughly enjoy, all with 200 "followers" or less. Since it's leap year, I'm giving you 6, still hard to pick from the many blogs out there . The award recipients, should they so chose, are to name 5 blogs they themselves like, to share with everyone.

B.K. - at Cowgirl Photography. Every time you look at one of the Occupy folks, remember there are still many young people, smart, talented and hard working out there, raised with values and a work ethic that's come down through generations untainted. BK is one of these young folks.

Annie Oakley's Kitchen - Firearms and food, what's not to like and her recipes are the kind passed on to the next generation. She shoots! She scores!

Engineering Johnson - World traveling engineer, Gun Blogger Rendezvous Regular, Craftsman of wood, metal and duct tape, and my Partner in Grime with British cars, tractors, and the occasionally recalcitrant creme brûlée. His travels don't always make for regular blogging but what is there is always worth pondering. Plus the man makes a damn fine martini.

JP - A businessman, and musician, he turned his artistic talents towards the camera, specifically portraits of those we see around us, including his redheaded grand kids. (Perhaps he needs the stress relief after I took him for a flight in a nimble little airplane.) We've been friends for years, but this is his very first blog and his portrait photography is wonderful. Now, can I borrow your Colt Python??

Last Refuge of a Scoundrel - We've journeyed with Navy veteran Larry through the loss of a young wife, raising kids to be good adults and keeping the roads fun, one Mustang at a time. What we've learned along the way was worth all it took for him to put it down.

Enjoy. Until later, thank you all for making Home on the Range a part of your life.


  1. You tagged the NAVY guy, Larry.


  2. All good ones, and enjoy the time off!

  3. Aw shucks!

    I'm flattered to be in such good company! Of course if people are actually looking now I might need to post something from time to time!

  4. Thanks so much for the award! I am truly honored!

  5. MSgtB, I'm special. As in, keep away from sharp objects special. ;)
    Thanks Brigid, the real award is having folks think my scribblings are worth deciphering.

  6. All of you guys are awesome, and I'm proud to claim you as friends.

  7. Annie - "guys" is a general term, you know what I mean. The lemonade pie, made and went to a friends house, and her family LOVED it. Thanks for the great recipe, as always.


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