Monday, January 24, 2011

How about a Little Coffee with Your Cookie

Molasses Cookies With Espresso Sugar.

The sugar is from the amazing Artisano's in Indianapolis. I don't know if they ship, but their flavored sugars are something as are their other products. I tried the onion sugar sprinkled on some aspargus, drizzled with olive oil and roasted(mmm) and then had to figure out something to do with the espresso sugar I purchased. It's not table sugar mixed with finely ground espresso powder, it's chunky sugar crystals infused with espresso.

I made the recipe up, so there was no telling what the end result in the lab was going to be. I was cooking in a friends kitchen and I promised I wouldn't create too much mayhem. It didn't start well.

First off I broke the spatula.

Me: (walking into living room with object) "Mayhem has begun"

Friend: (laughing) "What!? I've had that spatula 20 years! That spatula survived college parties!! (meaning, that spatula survived pre med students and tequila).

Me: "Well, let me explain scientifically.

(No, wait. That's the plan for an impending date.)

Me - "It just, uh. . . broke".

I was forgiven when the first batch came out of the oven.

Soft, crisp just around the edges, a little chewy in the middle, but not too much. Flavored with nutmeg, Vietnamese cinnamon and ginger with the slightly sweet undertone of espresso, and rolled in more crunchy expresso sugar.

A lot of molesses cookies harden into little kevlar pucks on day two. Day two these are still soft. I have a feeling there's not going to be a day three.

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  1. Damn. Reminder to self:
    I've GOT to watch what I put in my mouth when reading your column. I almost blew Gail's homemade peanut butter / nut / chocolate chip square thing out my nose when reading about total elongation relative to a date.

    PS - Regarding two posts ago, did I ever tell you about how I recommended caliber size to a friend going to Alaska?

  2. I love it when you're comical. Feeling better, I guess?

  3. Around here those probably wouldn't make it to see day two.

  4. Ya'll can wonder about minimum creep rate and total elongation all you want...

    It's that part about "fracture" at the end that sends cold chills up and down my spine...


  5. As the token cocoa-intolerant reader, let me just express my appreciation for dark cookies without the offending ingredient.

    Oh heck - WOW those look good!

  6. Posting those pictures is way unfair!

  7. Molasses Cookies!!! They remind me of my childhood, only better. Even if they turn rock hard, they are still worth busting a tooth. I can almost smell them.

  8. David - another concern, Tertiary creep (Stage III) occurs when there is a reduction in cross sectional area due to necking.

  9. Oh, groan....I gained two pounds just looking at those!

  10. More diet porn!



  11. You were close on the graph. Just replace time with stress.

  12. Not correcting for that necking is what gives stress/strain graphs that little hump, too.


  13. Jim - you realize, I am so NOT touching the little hump comment.

  14. You had me at espresso sugar...


  15. You think I would imply anything? Me? Ok, I resemble that remark.


  16. If one starts with a good snickerdoodle recipe and follows the scents of the spice cupboard, very good cookies often result! Those look like they'd be just the ticket with the fresh double mocha I'm savoring now (4.5 fl oz total, not those hideous milk drinks from the chain stores, thank you).

    And the half-life of baked goods around here cannot be more than three days before the velocity of approach to the kitchen deep into the night approaches 75% of C!

  17. And just where would we find this recipe? Eh?

    Love molasses cookies and since I'm the only one in my household who does... I get to eat them all!!!

  18. Cemaya - if the recipe is not in the first comment, or in the post itself, you can get it by clicking on the name of the recipe in the post, usually in color and in bold. It will open up the recipe.


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