Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Last Stand of Fall

Start with apple pie.

Yes, I usually forgo sweets in the morning but I WILL relent for a piece of apple pie for breakfast.

The recipe is in the sidebar. Make sure you have a pastry cutter. I was watching this documentary about how the invention of the pastry cutter was what allowed Cro-Magnon man to surpass and eventually entirely supplant the Neanderthal in the chain of human evolution. Or it might have been greater linguistic competence, cultural sophistication and the Colt 45. I don’t know, I wasn't watching that closely. I was making pie.

But there's still the issue of lunch. Slow roasted pig with your favorite barbecue sauce is always good. (According to the Weight Watchers guide, dinner will now have to be a 3 inch piece of celery and one pinto bean).

Oh dang, there's that pie again.

Shooting burns calories right?

There's just something about the golds of Fall against the last green remnant of summer.

The burnished brass of leaves, the silver glint, an icy sheen, on a puddle deep in shade.

I love those last few days of Fall.

Afternoons with friends. A shot or two.

And evenings with an old friend and perhaps a another small shot.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. Sleep well my friends.


Tango Juliet said...

Huh... and here I thought it was their invention of shag carpet that did in the Neanderthals.

Carol Carr said...

Barbecue and pie in the same post? Please don't do that to me.

reflectoscope said...

That looks like an awful nice way to spend a Sunday.


Keads said...

Looks like a wonderful day for you!

I'm leaning to the .45 personally!

Groundhog said...

Sometimes B, ya really know how to spin them words ;)

Joan of Argghh! said...

My son went out and bought a Ruger LCP today. (How awesome is SC, where there is a tax holiday for firearms?!!) He's a chef by trade. What is it about guns and grub? Ya'll mystify me.

Thanks for the linky luv, m'dear.


ViolentIndifference said...

Jameson and not Laphroaig? I'm a bit confused. You're not a real redhead?

Christina LMT said...

I'm so glad you're home and warm and having PAH!

I'll call you on the other side (which means after Tuesday, my crunch day at school...).

Ed Rasimus said...

Yep, article in the Fishwrap this AM on Irish whiskey and the superiority both in taste and price to snobbish Scots single-malts. Laphroaig is not for civilized people. Sounds like a great day.

Keads said...

Yeah South Carolina had the tax free weekend on firearms. It caused some stir here, but as we are close but not in SC it took some "explaning to do" around here.

Anonymous said...

Tax holiday on firearms, SC that’s great. I’ll see that and raise you, a liquor “tent sale” (with free samples). The “class six store” (that’s the liquor store for you non-military folks) on the Post nearest me has “tent sales”, honest. Thank goodness there is a Burger Biggie across the street so I can put something on my stomach prior to the sample fest. How about buying a 1.75 liter JD for $25? Oh, did I mention samples, be still my heart.

Living where I do, (the Tennessee Valley) Bar B Q is a primary food group. There is an abundance of very good “Mom and Pop joints and the competition is fierce. Therefore, we local patrons enjoy some of the best pork ever to grace a grill.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that I usually don’t like to travel but this year I made an exception. I accepted an invitation from a friend in the mountains of N. Georgia. He has a beautiful home on a nice piece of land at the end of an almost trail bordering a National Forest. Though the property is fenced there are always deer around his house and an occasional bear. I chose not to hunt any this trip but just spent a lot of time around the fireplace talking and enjoying the occasional glass of JD and soda. As I travel through life, good friends become more and more valuable.

"Jeg ønsker dere til lykke og alt godt for fremtiden"


Old NFO said...

LOL- just rub it in... go ahead... sigh :-)

Don said...


While I can drink Jameson, I much perfer Tullamore Dew. YMMV of course...