Thursday, May 20, 2010

Casting Spells

Werewolves are common in folklore, and part of many a childhood nightmare of my own. The source of the word is debated. One etymology derives the first part of the word from the Old English weri (to wear); the full form in this case would be wearer of wolf skin, lupine equivalents of the berserker, said to wear a bearskin in battle.

Other sources derive the word from warg-wolf, where warg (or later werg and wero) is cognate with Old Norse vargr, meaning "rogue," "outlaw," or, euphemistically, "wolf". A Vargulf was the kind of wolf that slaughtered many members of a flock or herd but ate little of the kill. Herders had to destroy the rogue wolf before it took out an entire block of lambs, using what means they had at their hands.

You do what you have to do. But it helps if you have the proper tools.

Look what the mailman brought me before I left! Time to learn something new.

But I was thinking, if the "casting lead" thing doesn't work out, I could always try Silver.
You know, just in case I run into one of those other bad guys that wander off the Moors into town.


  1. That looks like fun. I used to run my round balls (.440 and .454), when I was heavily into black powder, and always enjoyed it.

    Nice poster, too.

  2. You are going to cast bullets? Wow! I have thought about it but as long as Montana Gold is around for range stuff and Hornady is there for ahemm, other things I will keep buying. BOTH, there is something to be said for the hot pot of molten stuff. It was just a while back for me melting tire weights!

  3. You HAVE read Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia, right?

  4. You might find this account on the travails of casting silver bullets to be of some interest.

  5. If you try casting silver, be aware that the melting point is much higher than lead, and requires something more than the electric lead pot you use to melt down wheel weights.

    Also, silver contracts differently when it cools, so you'll end up with a somewhat undersized slug.

    Not that I've looked into this, or anything.

  6. I love ALL of your toys - firearms, bullet molds and action figures alike!!

  7. Simplify your life. Take as many 12 bore shotgun shells as you think you will need, replace the shot with dimes. (Older ones without the copper center)

    "Even a man who is pure at heart and says his prayers by night, May become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the moon is full and bright"

  8. Can I place an order for those silver bullets? I'm running low after all these years.....

  9. "American Werewolf In London"...first "horror" movie I think I saw...

    One day the younglings will understand the quotes their dad and I keep throwing at them.

  10. for the Lee 6 cavity, you may want to look here


  11. I hear that silver bullets are effective, though. After the first shot, you'll hear the Wolf tell his friend:

    "Hokey Smokes - they can afford $6 a bullet! Just think what kind of optics they'll have!"

    And then they run away, never to return.

  12. Does silver work any better on zombies, or is it just vampires and werewolves? (WhereWolves? Where?) ;^)

  13. well I cheated. I used silver solder. It shrinks just enough that a 45-70 mold will make a .45 acp/long colt bullet, no swaging necessary. I did use sterling oh so many years ago. I got tired of having to carry a cotton ball of silverware polish that I had to use every time I wanted to show off my silver bullet. I'd have to shop around for a mold to cast bullets for a 45-70.

    Maybe when I feel better, I'll get a larger size off ebay.

    Or just load up a shotgun shell with $250 worth of silver dimes.

  14. "Monster Hunters International" was a good read. For similar story with gender roles reversed try "Touch by an Alien".

  15. That movie was such a dichotomy: it scared me and made me laugh at the same time. Werewolves freaked me out to no end as a kid, though.

    You can't imagine the disappointment when I discovered that Winchester Silvertips aren't actually silver. Totally unprepared for something dark and furry invading the house on a full moon..

  16. Does tarnish make silver bullets less effective against werewolves?

  17. Youtube the "Mythbusters silver bullet." Other people talk, the mythbusters do it. And talk a lot.

  18. For the sake of production I'd either investment-cast them for the sake of not wasting material, or turn them on a screw machine dedicated to the task. That would likely be faster but you'd have silver cuttings to recover. Either way you could get a good finish and tight tolerances.


  19. Getting away from the werewolf images...

    "A Vargulf was the kind of wolf that slaughtered many members of a flock or herd but ate little of the kill. Herders had to destroy the rogue wolf before it took out an entire block of lambs, using what means they had at their hands."

    I live in western Wyoming in wolf country. Unfortunately, we're seeing some of this behavior already. I was stunned to discover how much livestock was killed in this county by wolves over the past year. It's going to be really interesting as the little critters spread over the rest of the country - just like coyotes did.

  20. An American Werewolf in London. A special effects marvel of its day, (scared the crap out of me first time I saw it in the theatre) and still pretty damn good 30 years later.

    Was watching something, (Discovery or History) and they were doing this whole thing on Werewolves. Part of it was determining the viability of silver bullets. They did some range testing, ballistics gelatin and the like. Suffice to say silver sucks for bullets.

    Think I'll go add AWIL to the netflix queue...


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