Friday, April 2, 2010

Movie Night Madness

Oh Please. NOT a Steven Seagall movie?


There's not too many nights I have a lot of free time. I write my blogs mostly very early in the morning or at hotels at night, when I'll do 2 or 3 at a time and save them for those days I don't sit down. Weekends, there is work to be done around the house, brass to process, critters to corral and friends and family to feed. And sleep. The nights in a hotel will add to that sleep deficit thing. But it's always fun to have a couple friends over, make some snacks and watch an action flick.

Especially with a big bowl of Appetizer Crack and some chips.

Last week's selection was "The Replacement Killers".

If you didn't try appetizer crack, otherwise known as "disappearing appetizer" on the recipe sidebar, you should. It's healthy, low fat, no animal products for my two vegetarian readers, Survival Chick and A.R., and it's unbelievably good. The first time I made it, for Tam and Bobbie and Data Viking, we polished off the bowl. (And it was not a small bowl). If you're watching your carbs, celery sticks make a great transport unit for this stuff.

It was snack food for a recent movie night. And a good movie it was. But like any movie involving guns, things that blow up and action, you just can't help but notice the small details. Out loud.

Sniper setting up on a hill to take out his target.

"The Gun is totally disassembled?"

"The scope is completely off of it, WT. . . ."

"No Free Floating Barrel?"

9 MM. " 9 MM?????"
Then, later on, towards the end.

"Why do all the bad guy guards have short barrelled AR15's? They're going to make so much noise the every cop in the county will be here to arrest all the now deaf people".

Sigh. But the plot was interesting, the acting very good and I was actually silent for a while, until the last action scene.

"Oh come on! M203 doesn't work that way!!"

There's probably a reason guys brave enough to ask me out never wanted to take me to the theater.

If you haven't tried the recipe, do. If you haven't seen the movie, good flick. Next week - Zombieland on DVD . And 7 layer dip.


  1. Zombieland makes EVERYTHING taste better (but go easy on the Twinkies) ... but 7-layer dip sounds intriguing.

  2. Rev. Paul - it's not particularly photogenic so I didn't post it but the story of the dip is as follows -

    I attended a holiday get together of which many of the guests were gourmands, with unlimited food budgets and a wealth of experience in the kitchen. There was stuffed breads with cheeses and nuts, roast beast under glass, elaborate cookies and all kinds of wonderful things. And what everyone was standing around, hoovering in like there was no tomorrow, was my simple layered bean dip. that took five minutes from start to oven. Go figure.

    1 large can refried beans (minus 1/3 cup which you can save for a breakfast burrito) mixed with 3/4 teaspoon Penzey's Northwoods Seasoning or southwest style seasoning of your choice

    1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened at room temperature.

    1 jar Mrs. Renfro's mild salsa (trust me on this, do not substitute if you can find it).

    2 cups shredded cheese, mix of cheddar and monterey jack

    1 large can sliced black olives

    sliced green onions and/or tomato for garnish

    Pre heat the oven at 325 degrees.

    In medium casserole dish, layer beans, cream cheese, salsa, cheddar and olives (add onions for color if you like). Heat for about 30 minutes or until the edges are bubbling. Serve with sturdy chips.

  3. I LOVE that movie. And, yes, it is a tad ridiculous here and there but the former little hacker soul inside smiles...

    Lord, that was SO 2400 baud ago.

    So glad you've time to relax! What think you of my other fav vid, The Professional (AKA Leon)?

  4. Mmmm....Looks good.

    My favorite movie guntech gaffe is the suppressed revolver like in the rerun of "Thunderbolt & Lightfoot" I saw the other weekend. Using that cannon in such close quarters probably wouldn't have been too healthy either.

  5. Being too busy to watch movies at home rained on our parade a lot, until Netflix. Now the DVDs are just waiting for us whenever we want :)

  6. Zombieland was far more entertaining than I thought it would be. Now that dip look really good from where I am viewing it! I believe that it will be a fine Saturday Night Movie bowl of goodness!

    Best Regards,
    The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
    Reviewing the Nikon Monarch 8X42

  7. You won't like Zombieland. Going after a HORDE with a double barrel?

  8. Appetizer crack, 7-layer dip, great movies... Hey, what's not to like? Sounds like one fantastic way to spend the evening!

  9. I enjoyed Zombieland, just disconnect logic and let it be what it is. The recipe looks great, but I am still suspect. Not enough meat (I say as I put some deer sausage out from the freezer to defrost for the weekend)

  10. If you haven't seen it, this flick is arguably the best of Chow Yun-Fat's career.

    Pre-takeover Hong Kong movies are a lot of fun to explore. By law, they all had English subtitles, and, as long as they didn't include nudity, bad language or on-screen drug use, even the most over-the-top gun play could get a "family entertainment" rating.

  11. Oh come on, admit it, Steven Segal movies are one of those guilty pleasures....yes they are stupid and impossible, but you do enjoy the action/fight scenes....or wait...was that me :D

  12. A friend calls Hard to Kill "Hard to Watch"! My favorite Seagal movie is Under Siege - "I'm just a cook".

  13. I have had a dip almost like that before, but it had chopped up avocado in it instead of the peppers. Maybe something else for you try sometime.

  14. Said during a Western: "Okay, I watch Mythbusters. There's no way that was one stick of dynamite."

    My grandpa did demolitions and such-like for the Army Corps of Engineers in the South Pacific. I have to wonder if that's why he never got into action movies -- he knew when they got it wrong, and they get it wrong a lot.

  15. Next week - Zombieland on DVD .

    Oh, yes. I honestly think Zombieland is the perfect zombie movie-- from the opening music to the ending, it's sheer awesome.

    Just make sure you boost the volume for the opening theme, though. (chuckle)

  16. Great suggestion Roscoe, "Hard Boiled" is a great flick! Enjoy Zombieland, like others have said, leave your logic behind and enjoy the show!

  17. There's probably a reason guys brave enough to ask me out never wanted to take me to the theater.

    I have this problem during WWII Movies.


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