Monday, November 16, 2009

Breaking the Rules

The fashion experts says you should not wear white after labor day. . . .
Some rules I've broken and paid dearly for. But fashion is not one I worry about. When I'm trying to think of "what to wear", somehow the fashion experts don't come to mind.

Just a note - Unfortunately I'm not longer leaving comments open to anonymous and non bloggers. I will dearly miss hearing from some regulars here but I seem to have attracted a large troll.


  1. this might do nicely:

    ...and look! No white except for the label on the side!

  2. I'm pretty sure the 'experts' would be aghast at the idea of packing a six-shooter, too. Therefore, please carry on!

  3. A good Ruger is always in fashion if you ask me. Dare anyone to say otherwise.

  4. I think it is okay when it is part of an ensemble.

  5. As long as it's not solid white I see no problem;)

  6. Something tells me you'd look good in whatever you choose to wear.

    Just a hunch.


  7. Reflectoscope - not really, I'm no glamor queen. Has the bride bought another pistol yet? Hope you two are doing well.

  8. I look at your blog every day hoping to see a review on your .45 Vaquero. Have you run it through its paces at the range yet?

  9. I've not been to the range in some weeks with crazy work schedule and vacation. I'll try and get a report on it, and a couple other revolvers some friends I shoot with also bought.

    Might be a revolver round up.

  10. The neat part about being the can run the job any way you want.
    Trolls piss ya off...block 'em out.
    There are Sumdoods in Moms basements who get off on causing a dust storm.
    You go girl.

  11. "Where did the deer go?" (Sidebar)
    LMBO, Brigid: I've been asking myself that very question!
    About wearing white... Brigid, you'd look good in a white floursack, so don't sweat what color you wear.
    Unless you're on the stand, then may I be so bold as to suggest... blaze White?
    Thanx, God bless.
    Shy III
    Hmmm... verification word is "tatemi"... we all know what that is

  12. Something tells me that ya look good no matter what ya wear...or carry...

  13. Thanks skipelec. Best to you and your wife. Hope she enjoys the range.

    Getting a comment that bad things may have happened to me because of personal mistakes I've made in my past is just too hurtful for words. And I won't come home to that. I know who my true friends are. They know my life outside of this blog identity, they know who I really am, complex, yet simple, outgoing, yet very shy. They, like you, understand. Thanks.

  14. Shy Wolf - that's my blog friend Emily's deer. Cracked me up. If you click on it you will go to her blog. Great outdoor writing from a young wife and skilled hunter.

  15. Is that a court gun or a barbecue gun? Neither, I guess, remembering LawDog's descriptions. But it is pretty.


  16. Well, I don't have time to be a blogger, but I'll keep reading just the same.

  17. Too bad shooting trolls is against the law, even though there seems to be plenty of them around :D
    (I'm only kidding. I wouldn't shoot a troll; maybe just gently nudge him in the backside of the head with a 2x4).

  18. Trolls, BAH, life's too short to worry about those idiots. Do the cut-off so you don't even see nastiness via electrons. BTW, there are only small trolls. The nastier the screed, the smaller the troll.

    Bad things happen to good people. Just the way the world works. I intend to speak sharply to Saint Peter about that, when I see him.

    Remember the words of Winston Churchill: "When you find yourself marching through Hell, keep going!" (The exact quote is sometimes debated.)

  19. Has the bride bought another pistol yet? Hope you two are doing well.

    Brigid? Do you know something I don't? :P

    (As far as I know, I'm still single - perhaps you were thinking of someone else?)


    PS - The fact that you aren't a glamour queen is a large part of why I made that comment in the first place. :)

  20. I agree with an earlier post .45 and larger for fashion.

  21. When I actively blogged, I had a disclamer at the link to that part of my site which informed the user that clicking through gave me de-facto permission to scan their IP address with the security tool of my choice.

    Most of the varmits have pathetic setups which don't even survive a basic port scan much less a thorough probe with the toys I use for work. Windows XP machines plugged directly into cable modems were always the most fun.

  22. Bullseye, I prefer Colt or Smith & Wesson to the rugers ;)

    Brigid, sorry about the Troll but thats the interwebz for you. Any idiot can type stupid comments :D

  23. reflectoscope - sorry, it was a stressful day. I got you mixed up with a blogger with a one word, longish blogger name who has the same first name. He's a newlywed and the wife is new into shooting.

    Thanks for the support.

  24. I have always liked the polished stainless, versus nickel plating which always fails. White grips are okay, but I would get the real ivory, if I could afford it. But then, Ruger represents the best value, I think, in firearms, so maybe ivory would be inappropriate. I hope I can stay on your approved list, I enjoy reading your thoughts and comments.

  25. I used to enjoy slapping trolls around on the old - even got banned from there for awhile for showing too much enthusiasm in that task. Dunno if I finally grew up, or just got bored scrapping with pea brains.

    Your writing is much too fine for you to have to waste time with them.

    I look forward to your revolver review. Your Vaquero is beautiful!

  26. Ah....Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Colt,Sig,Remington,would all look good in your hands. White grips, ivory grips,rattle snake grips,wood grips,same thing.

    See Ya

  27. Hmm...guess that means I will have to remember my google login!


  28. I can only imagine what you mean about a troll and if I am correct in my thinking than do what you have to do to get rid of IT.

  29. Don't worry about the troll Brigid. I got a few really nasty ones and they disappear soon enough.

  30. Troll's........

    Hmmmm, there seems to be a proliferation of these small creatures that get off by trying to make other peoples lives miserable, writing nonsensical things about subjects they know anything about.

    Lacking in the direct cure for these pests, i.e. a bullet into the cranial cavity, the best cure for these rodents is the delete button.

    Ignore the inane comments that this offensive creature has lambasted you with, and keep on keepin' on.


  31. Brigid, do not let the trolls disturb you; you wit and wisdom are enjoyed by more of us than you know.

  32. Brings a new option to being "in the white."

    What? We're not talking about pistols?

  33. It's winter white! Anyone can see that. Ha!

    Sorry about the trolls. Sad when people cannot find a sense of decorum anymore. Didn't Heinlein declare that was the time to get off-planet?


  34. As one of the "Forest People" who inhabit the ends of roads above 9,000ft in Colorado, I wouldn't be surprised one little bit if, from time to time, my presence in the flatland metro area has seen me on the Fashion Police's Most Wanted.

    Comfort, reliability, and simple pleasure apply equally for attire as well as accessorizing, IMO.

    I'm a new visitor to your site, so a courteous and cheerful "Hello!" is apt and timely, too. My 50th has come and gone, my GSD is named Cole, and my favorite caliber is .45 in daily carry - and blond roots can run very, very deep. . .

    I'm severely hooked on learning archery this year, and delight in a customized Oneida Stealth hurtling 550gr arrows accurately at gradually increasing distances - lovely way to clear the mind, blow off a little stress.

    And I am unwavering in my conviction: "Espresso is life!"

    I'm hoping to be disciplined enough to finally order the KL Null inverted rig in white, and get a G36 refinished in white to round out the occasional accessorizing demands. . . but there's a 2005 BE Oneida F/S on A/T, and I can resist anything but temptation!

    Way tooo similar to Dory, I'm afraid.

    so, Hello!

  35. I think that's supposed to be white shoes. All of my shoes (except for my flight boots) are mud brown though.

  36. No worries, I hope you're feeling better now.


  37. Lady B,
    Your choice of guns, clothes, and words are exceptional in all situations, as I believe you know.
    Alas, too many folks believe their purpose in life is to give their neg. opinion to others, usually motivated by envy, jealousy, or spite. Trolls they become, of their own choice. You have chosen wisely to soar far above that!

  38. Obviously, fashion demands that you wear a pair of Rugers. Keeps things in balance, you know. Sorry to hear about the troll though.

  39. Brigid, so sorry about the hurtful words of the troll. And to suggest that someone's misfortunes of life are punishment for past mistakes is one of the most ludicrous comments I have ever heard. Don't get me started on the philosophy of human suffering. I have personally known and seen enough suffering on the part of the pure and innocent, as well as enough smooth sailing and high living on the part of complete scumbags, to know that things don't work that way.

    I am truly sorry you are hurt, and I hope that in time you will see the comments for what they are--the senseless babbling of a very small mind.

    The Liberty Sphere

  40. I'm extremely sad that someone close enough to hurt you would decide to act as a troll.

    Your blog is always worth reading. You're the type of person I'd be proud to have as a neighbor and friend.

    That said, ivory stocks (proper term for a revolver correct?) are always appropriate wear.

  41. Troll Control

  42. Tony - thank you. For all you do.

    Fenris - welcome -thanks for the support.

  43. So what do Fashion Experts know!!??
    What are you going to wear while varmint hunting, fox, coyote, people!!

    (Not the two legged varmints, unless your troll hunting of course!!)

    In the snow?
    You wear white!!

    But then what the hell do I know about fashion?? T shirts (black), blue jeans, Carhartt....

    Nice gun by the way...Classy...

  44. Trolls are a good measure of success in blogging.


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