Friday, November 27, 2009

Attention burglars

Ask not for whom the dog barks,
it barks for thee.


  1. His barking gives you time to make sure that you have a full magazine ....

  2. I had a friend who had a shitty little walkup studio apartment on the fourth floor of a building in Chicago. Inside the one and only door he put a little kiddie pool, like 3' in diameter, and filled it with dog kibble. It said "Spot" on the side. Once or twice people came in while he was gone. Nothing was ever taken.

  3. Maybe is should be, Dog Bites, Homeowner Shoots.

  4. Hate to nitpick, but it's burglar. Interesting enough, it was burgler back in the day -

    Word verification - mater

  5. Eric - thanks. I tell everyone that I'm not noted for spelling or grammar after a 18 hour work day (not often, but it happens).

  6. My dad was a big, burly redneck. The sign my mother put up said, "To hell with the dog. Beware of the owner!"

    Their property was never bothered.

  7. Ahh yes, be afraid, be very afraid!
    Barks, bites, and bullets. What a combo!

  8. How do you know that Barkley isn't barking for something yummy to eat? There are Thanksgiving leftovers in the house, don't cha' know!

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday season.


  9. The burglar saw the dog. He turned around and walked home, in the rain, alone.

  10. I like that very much.

    Enter at your own risk!

  11. Dog has teeth...Owner has gun.

    Just one more post that makes me ponder getting my own Black Lab.

  12. My 125lb Rottie is afraid of everyone, so if anyone comes nearby she barks...a lot...really, really loudly.

    Oddly, no one has gotten up the nerve to try and break in to my apartment.

  13. I've come to the unfortunate realization that Chester's replacement isn't a Rottweiler. He's a lab with a fortunate color scheme. I love labs, but this one is loopy and disobedient. I don't know whether to train him harder, or buy him a rebel flag for his vest.


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